kathryn@cambridgehealthclinic.com | T: 01223 235 639
kathryn@cambridgehealthclinic.com | T: 01223 235 639

Antenatal Physiotherapy

Antenatal Physiotherapy


Nearly 1 in 5 women will experience lower back, pelvic girdle and/or pubic symphysis pain (PGP and PSD) during their pregnancy. Increased stress on the muscles and joints of the lower back and pelvis are common due to the normal postural changes associated with pregnancy. Symptoms can present as early as the first trimester and last throughout the pregnancy. Early diagnosis and intervention can significantly help alleviate the pain and dysfunction associated with pregnancy related lower back pain, PGP and PSD.

At Cambridge Health Clinic, we offer a specialised antenatal physiotherapy service for women experiencing pregnancy-related musculoskeletal pain. Treatment includes a full postural screen with specific attention to lower back, pelvis and hips; a bespoke exercise program with emphasis on abdominal, hip and pelvic floor muscle strength; gentle soft tissue massage to ease the pain around the joints and muscles; advice on support belts and sleep aides; and exercise recommendations to keep you fit and strong for the duration of your pregnancy.

For more information, call 01223 235 639 or email kathryn@cambridgehealthclinic.com

For more information,
01223 235 639 or email kathryn@cambridgehealthclinic.com

Conditions & Treatments offered:

Neck and shoulder pain
Mid-thoracic and rib pain
Lower back pain
Hip pain
Sacroiliac joint pain
Pubic symphysis pain
Coccyx pain
Pelvic floor muscle problems
Early DRAM (tummy gap) diagnosis and treatment
Gentle joint mobilisation
Manual therapy and trigger point release


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