kathryn@cambridgehealthclinic.com | T: 01223 276 329

kathryn@cambridgehealthclinic.com | T: 01223 276 329

Postnatal Physiotherapy
& the Mummy MOT

Postnatal Physiotherapy & the Mummy MOT

& the Mummy MOT

Nearly half of all new mothers will experience feelings of lower back pain, pelvic instability, abdominal weakness and/or pelvic floor muscle problems. These problems can begin immediately after birth and persist well beyond the postpartum period if left untreated. Early diagnosis and intervention are essential to help reduce pain and discomfort and improve the long-term functional outcome.

Cambridge Health Clinic is home to the Cambridge Mummy MOT project. The Mummy MOT is a comprehensive postnatal check-up for new mothers 6 weeks after delivery and beyond. It is a 1-hour assessment that includes a review of your posture, pelvic floor muscles, tummy gap, scar management following a Caesarean section, and a screening of bladder, bowel and sexual function. We also include a tailored postnatal rehabilitation program and advice on how to manage the physical demands of motherhood including squatting, lifting and carrying.

Our goal is to help restore confidence in your body and give you the support that you need to get moving again.

The Mummy MOT is recommended for mum’s 6-8 weeks postnatally, however it is appropriate for any woman who has carried or given birth to a child in her lifetime.

For more information, call 01223 276 329 or email kathryn@cambridgehealthclinic.com

For more information,
call 01223 276 329
 or email kathryn@cambridgehealthclinic.com

Conditions & Treatments offered:

Pelvic floor muscle problems
Stress and urge incontinence
Pelvic organ prolapse
DRAM (tummy gap)
OASIS (obstetric anal sphincter injury)
C-section scar management
Episiotomy and perineal care
Painful intercourse (dyspareunia)
Postnatal pelvic girdle pain
Bladder/bowel problems
Lower back, pelvic and hip pain
Coccyx pain
Manual therapy and trigger point release
Biofeedback and electrotherapy
Diagnostic ultrasound


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