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“Kathryn Levy is an excellent physio!

She explains things very clearly and has been a great help to me. She has vast experience in “lady” issues.
I would highly recommend her.”

Pam Bond

“Kathryn is a compassionate and professional physio in this important area of women’s pelvic health. I would recommend her to anyone in need as she can really make a difference. Visit her in her relaxing and convenient treatment room.”

S Coty

“I went to see Kathryn for a mummy MOT after the birth of my second child left me with a huge diastasis , giving me awful hip pain. It was amazing, she really listened and was very empathic of my situation. Kathryn had a deep understanding of what was happening in my body and what I needed to do.

She gave me back the confidence in my body that I had lost. After just two sessions I no longer had pain.
I would highly recommend Kathryn, especially because of her very calming and nurturing personality, you cannot help but leave feeling better than when you went in.”

Nicola Baring

“Kathryn is the best physiotherapist I have ever seen. A tremendously reassuring place to go as a woman who has given birth – Kathryn has the clinical excellence and highly sensitive professionalism to ensure all patients are made to feel safe and heard. This is especially important given the relatively poor post partum care women receive in this country. I recommend Kathryn wholeheartedly.”

daliatree nutrition

“I first saw Kathryn for physio whilst pregnant for pelvic girdle pain and then for a mummy MoT about 8 weeks post birth. I found this so much more helpful than the 6 week check at the GP to make sure everything was healing well. It wasn’t a problem taking the baby to appointments.

She is a professional and put me at ease explaining everything clearly. I was keen to get back running and Kathryn helped me to do that in a sensible way and understand my pelvic floor health. I continued to see her at postnatal Pilates which was brilliant for recovering my core strength. She’s really personable, provides a great service and I would recommend her to anyone.”

Emma Robson

I saw Kathryn for a MummyMOT after the birth of my child and she did a thorough check to make sure that all is healing well, and that it was ok for me to return to exercise. I would recommend this, as my GP only asked in passing at the 6-8 week review how i was healing, and there was no check to see that my abs weren’t separated. Kathryn checked carefully, and then had me do several exercises to check pelvic floor function and to make sure that my core would engage properly.

She had great advice and is careful to explain everything properly and clearly. Kathryn is very knowledgeable and helpful and I would recommend her to anyone.

Jenny Richens

I have been seeing Kathryn Levy, Physiotherapist, for my antenatal pelvic girdle pain. She has been fantastic helping find exactly where the problem is, advice on exercises as well as tissue release. Her input has certainly helped me through this pregnancy making it much more comfortable than it could have been and hopefully will help hasten my recovery.

I plan to see her postnatally too as she provided help with my last pregnancy and recovery after a Casarean. She guided me through the recovery process and helped me return to normal activity in a safe and controlled way. Highly recommended!

Nicola Owen


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