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Studio Pilates

Studio Pilates

Studio Pilates

The classical Pilates system was designed as a sequence of exercises, each methodically placed in a series to help strengthen and tone the whole body. There are 6 guiding principles behind the traditional Pilates method: centering, concentration, control, precision, breath and flow. Each guiding principle is meant to help people connect with their bodies, creating an effective, fluid and controlled work-out.

Pilates exercises are performed on either the mat or the Pilates apparatus. Many people are not familiar with the apparatus or even know that it exists. The most common pieces of apparatus are the reformer and the trapeze table. Both pieces of equipment offer varying degrees of spring resistance that help strengthen and support the body. The springs provide feedback into the neuromuscular system providing greater control and improved stability. Each apparatus has its own series of exercises that build on the common Pilates principles and challenge the body in different ways. The reformer and trapeze table are meant to compliment the traditional mat exercises so that clients can continue their mat practice at home.

At Cambridge Health Clinic, we are the only Cambridge studio to teach the classical Pilates repertoire on all the apparatuses. We offer 1:1 private lessons to our clients regardless of any ongoing injury or current level of fitness. We make modifications to the traditional exercises as needed to help encourage healing and build strength. Whether you are recovering from injury, treating a chronic back problem or require an exercise program for tummy muscle separation post-pregnancy, we can help you get moving again. Our goal is to get you feeling stronger and more balanced. The system is vast with endless options.

For more information, call 01223 276 329 or email kathryn@cambridgehealthclinic.com

For more information,
call 01223 276 329
 or email kathryn@cambridgehealthclinic.com


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